Monday, 15 May 2017

World Steriotypes

Negatives -                                                

NZ people are sheep shaggers.

All black people are criminals.
All Muslims are terrorists.                                                                                      
gingers don't have souls.
Asians eat cats.
all blondes are airheads.
All women belong in the kitchen.
Women with short hair are lesbians.
All gamers are likely to shoot up a school.
All Irish people are alcoholics and love potatoes.
All Indians drive taxis and own dairies.
people who watch anime are weeaboos and have no life. Weeaboo Meaning link
All Black people love chicken.

Positives -

All Asians are intelligent.

All women can cook.
All black people are great at basketball.
Cats always land on their feet.

Monday, 13 February 2017

English brainstorm notes

English - ISIS

Why do people devote their lives to help the cause of Isis?
According to psychologist John Horgan foreign fighters are driven to join ISIS by the need to “belong to something special”, they want to find something meaningful for their life, some are thrill seeking and some are seeking redemption. For the members of ISIS, joining the group means promoting the creation of an Islamic state and ridding it of infidels. Last month Vice Media gained exclusive access to some ISIS fighters. In a documentary, Vice interviewed Iraqi and Syrian children who said they wanted to become part of ISIS so they could kill infidels.

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